This website provides the general public, the community and those afforded free and unconditional access to the world wide web, access to information regarding the concept and understandings of Uberveillance. This website provides invited Authors an opportunity to directly contribute to the development of the website whilst maintaining an open dialogue with the general public. 


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The Administrators of this website invite selected contributors to "Author" in this open web discussion in the following manner by:

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There are no rules.

We understand from years of contribution to the world wide web, to academic research, in commercial negotiations and within the context of humanity as a whole that there is nothing that definitively dictates how you, the viewing public or invited Author may interpret, regenerate, react or reject what occurs within the context of uberveillance.com

We seek your open minds eye to reject rule and invite inquiry beyond the constitution of your present reality.

We reserve the right to publish and to withdraw that right of publication with an understanding that the former may still be retained as a snapshot.

Accord & License

All contributions to this website are licensed and shared openly according to the following licence:


Associate Professor Katina Michael - October 2010

  • Uberveillance:  {Surveillance, Dataveillance, Sousveillance}
  • Power Set: {}, {Surveillance}, {Dataveillance}, {Sousveillance}, {Surveillance Dataveillance}, {Surveillance Sousveillance}, {Dataveillance Sousveillance}, {Surveillance Dataveillance Sousveillance} 
  • Note: "{}" is the empty set-- ie.  a given instance is NOT surveillance, not dataveillance and not sousveillance... thus it does not constitute uberveillance in any way.