"On mobile, where the majority of the world's content is now consumed, Google and Facebook own eight of the top 10 apps, with apps devouring 87% of our time spent on smartphones and tablets, according to new comScore data (Figure A).


"In sum, the majority of our time online is now mediated by just a few megacorporations, and for the most part their top incentive is to borrow our privacy just long enough to target an ad at us.

Then there's Mozilla, an organization whose mantra is "Internet for people, not profit." That feels like a necessary voice to add to today's internet oligopoly, but it's not one we're hearing. Mozilla once had a commanding share of the desktop web browser market; today that share has dwindled, and on mobile devices it's virtually non-existent.

This isn't good, but I'm not sure what to do about it. We clearly need an organization standing up for web freedom, as expecting Google to do that is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse."

Source: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/mozill...
AuthorJordan Brown

A must watch TED talk for anyone interested in privacy and social media.

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"Was cyclist who killed CBS executive's wife using a fitness app that turns every journey into a race? He had top rankings on 'Strava' site.

Jason Marshall crashed into Jill Tarlov while riding through Central Park She was left brain dead by the collision and died on MondayMarshall, 31, is said to be an avid user of the racing app called Strava It uses GPS so riders can race each other over stretches of road The saxophonists had completed four 'fastest time achievements' in New York before the tragic collision  There have been two lawsuits associated with the app in the last four yearsMarshall has not been charged with any crime but police are still investigating the incident

The cyclist whose collision with a CBS executive's wife ultimately led to her death is believed to have top ratings on a fitness app which allows users to race each other.

Jason Marshall, 31, who hit 59-year-old Jill Tarlov while she was walking through Central Park last Thursday, is said to be an avid user of Strava, a service which allows riders to challenge one another and share their locations via GPS.

It has a ranking system where cyclists can record their times over 2.5million different routes in a bid to become KOM - or King Of The Mountain - or complete various 'achievements'."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2769944/Was-cyclist-killed-CBS-executive-s-wife-using-fitness-app-turn-journey-race.html#ixzz3EiXSwrv8 


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My observation? How long before this technology becomes mainstream? And then even the body-modders might be asking themselves that the 'group' they identify with is no longer unique... implantables, like tattoos, like piercing are about being 'different' but also the 'same'... But when everybody has one, even the boring old banks, will the body-modders really want one? "Yes" if it means customisation, and "no" if they think it means conformity to the masses.

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"Ils portent le nom de leur amour sous leur peau

Un studio de tatouage à Zürich propose l'implant de micropuces électroniques lisibles via un smartphone. Une première en Suisse qui fait débat.

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Laura Juliano"

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Now compare with the football tattoo craze here and rugby league tattoo craze here.





We're moving closer to the ultimate ID... it not only moves with you, but will be in you.