"Meet the offspring of iRobot, and Transformers creator Hasbro. No, really. Back in 2000, the two companies teamed up on a project to create a baby doll called "My Real Baby" that had emotionally expressive animatronic facial expressions.

One look at this pic could explain why the project was later discontinued."

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5332377/creepy-irobots-my-real-baby

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5332377/creepy-irobots-my-real-baby

Source: http://www.irobot.com.au/Cool-Stuff/iRobot-DNA

Source: http://www.irobot.com.au/Cool-Stuff/iRobot-DNA

From the company that has brought us the Packbot and the Roomba! How cute, NOT!

And now for a real baby riding a real Roomba!

Bottling up time in a capsule... absolutely precious to the mother, father and artist... but did anyone ask the kid? 

Compare the video below with the Marina Lutz experience documented in the report (link provided).

" Another source of personal harm may be one’s own personality development and mental health. It may be that the identity of a person being consciously logged today is viewed with regret in the future. If a data subject cannot delete life-logging data, then “looking back” may become an exercise of great personal annoyance. A very characteristic example of this is the recent film project “The Marina experience”, in which Marina Lutz expresses in her own way her traumatic experience by having all her moments, even the most intimate, filmed for the first 16 years of her life, exposing her father's “voyeurism, his latent paedophilia, his bullying, coercive nature, his pathological narcissism”40. There is a risk that social media and the way it is used would often “require and invite an almost compulsive photographic capturing of the self”41.

Read more from this EU ENISA report here.

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"...A digital camera embedded in the glasses will capture images. As your head turns, the glasses, of course, turn with you. Cutting edge digital processors will modify the images captured by the camera; a wireless transmitter will then present the image that you are "looking at" to a chip that has been implanted at the back of the brain. The chip will then directly stimulate the visual cortex of the brain with electrical signals using an array of micro-sized electrodes -the brain will learn to interpret these signals as sight."

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""...1. A special camera connected to a special software is installed inside the mannequin's head.

2. This software analyzes the facial features of people passing through the front and provides statistical and contextual information useful to the development of targeted marketing strategies.

3. The embedded software can also provide other data such as the number of people passing in front of a window at certain times of the day."


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