"Yahoo has filed a patent for a type of smart billboard that would collect people's information and use it to deliver targeted ad content in real-time."

To achieve that functionality, the billboards would use a variety of sensor systems, including cameras and proximity technology, to capture real-time audio, video and even biometric information about potential target audiences.

But the tech company doesn’t just want to know about a passing vehicle. It also wants to know who the occupants are inside of it.

That’s why Yahoo is prepared to cooperate with cell towers and telecommunications companies to learn as much as possible about each vehicle’s occupants.

It goes on to explain in the application:

Various types of data (e.g., cell tower data, mobile app location data, image data, etc.) can be used to identify specific individuals in an audience in position to view advertising content. Similarly, vehicle navigation/tracking data from vehicles equipped with such systems could be used to identify specific vehicles and/or vehicle owners. Demographic data (e.g., as obtained from a marketing or user database) for the audience can thus be determined for the purpose of, for example, determining whether and/or the degree to which the demographic profile of the audience corresponds to a target demographic.
Source: https://www.grahamcluley.com/yahoo-creepy-...

Why beat around the bush?

"UNLEASH THE BEAST" is as explicit as they come as a marketing ploy by the chip manufacturing giant INTEL. This really does bring new meaning to the well known slogan- "LOOK INSIDE". Oh and note the hashtag "#devilscanyon"?

One has to ask themselves why images of 'demons' and 'monsters' and 'beasts' sell! What are we teaching our workforces? Our students? Our children? That poetic license can be abused?

Interestingly, little has changed since 1994 which was the last time I did a comprehensive content image analysis of ICT brands, marketing and meaning in industry and popular magazines. Back then serpents were more prominent... I'll have to dig up some examples to compare and contrast... But one thing for sure- the imagery is more explicitly "evil" and "in your face"... One has to wonder why? Cutesy to some... I think ICT needs to CLEAN UP its act... or run the risk of alienating people who really want to make a difference in the industry at large... 

Thanks for the source KM.