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"....In the near future, the camera will be able to recognize images and communicate that data with other Si500s. For example, if a cop were seeking a missing child, the body cam could learn the infant's likeness from an image. That info would then be automatically distributed to other officers wearing the device, allowing them to take part in the search. Neurala claims that its AI will even be able to pick out a person of interest in crowded public spaces." - read more at



"...Short Interview with Cathie Reid - #glassexplorer - More about Cathie - "

I've invited Cathie to come to Canberra, Australia and connect with the public at the INSPIRE Centre, University of Canberra as part of the 2014 #glassmeetups . These blended face-to-face and online events provide an opportunity for discussions as to what other areas of the medical, healthcare, aged care industries might have in development or even in conceptual proof of concept such as the depiction below.


"....Wearables present the opportunity to give us a lot of information about ourselves that we did not have before, including while we're behind the wheel. What if there was a way to keep track of how we're driving - not how many MPG's we're getting, but how WE are doing while we're getting from point A to point B? And what if we could see this in a way that allows us to encourage our friends to be better drivers? "

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Banking at the supermarket might seem convenient, but you should think twice before putting so much of your information into the hands of a single corporation, writes Katina Michael.

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"...The advancement in sensing, embedded computing, and wireless communication has accelerated the progress of adopting sensor networks to form Body Area Networks (BodyNets). BodyNets integrate and deploy wireless sensors, RFID tags, and other pervasive devices within and around human bodies for constructing diverse and practical systems for physiological monitoring, human computer interaction, and provision of entertainment.

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Does your teenager use your car to drive? Want to pay less for vehicle insurance.

It's easy!

Just use GPS with a qualifying insurer.

Here's one example:

See especially Safety Beacon Notifications: