Sally Applin is one of those unique voices studying "the makers" through her research, under the supervision of Professor Michael Fischer at the University of Kent. Sally has a research space wiki on PolySocial Reality. She writes:

"Formally, PolySocial Reality (PoSR) describes the multiple, sometimes overlapping, network transaction spaces that people traverse synchronously and asynchronously with others to maintain and use social relationships; a conceptual model for the global interaction context within which people experience the social mobile web and other forms of communication and social interactions whether immediate or mediated by technology. PoSR defines relations across the aggregate of all the experienced ‘locations’ and ‘communications’ of and between all individual people, people/machines and machines/machines in multiple networks and/or locales at the same or different times. PoSR is based upon the core concept that dynamic relational structures emerge from the aggregate of multiplexed asynchronous or synchronous data creations of all individuals within the domain of networked, non-networked, and/or local experiences."

Watch Sally here on Fora.TV. A few more interesting youtube clips below. Sally also presented at in a co-authored paper with Professor Fischer.