IEEE SSIT ISTAS13 is proud to announce that Autographer will be a Gala Patron at ISTAS13 in Toronto Canada. 

Autographer is a new breed of digital camera that we believe can change the way the world thinks about photography.

Autographer’s development evolved from the Vicon Revue/Sensecam. Soon after launching into the medical research sphere, the Revue started to attract a large amount of interest from people who wanted to use it for more social, creative and documentary applications. In response OMG Life was setup to develop a consumer product. We named it Autographer and set our sights on a much wider market. We improved all the valued aspects of the Revue whilst adding a range of new functionality and software to vastly improve the user experience.

Autographer provides a range of universal user benefits:

1. Enjoying experiences without pausing to take photos

2. Capturing unexpected moments that would ordinarily be missed

3. Remembering your emotions through images of your 'real life' - rather than your 'posed life'

4. Making mundane moments more magical over time

At the heart of delivering these benefits is Autographers’ wide-angle camera and its sensor driven intelligence, which determine when and how to capture images.

The hidden screen provides the user with the control, feedback and functionality necessary to operate across a range of environments. GPS has been added to enrich story-telling and provides a powerful search tool for retrieving old images. Bluetooth is included to provide instant access to images via the Smartphone for reviewing/editing/tagging and sharing alongside the dedicated desktop application which has been built to let the user store, manage, enjoy and share their memories.

There is also a cloud based sharing platform for those that want to tell their life stories to the world which supports single images/ sequences/videos and GIFs, all of which can be easily created on the desktop and smartphone.

Volume sales will start on 30th July 2013 online @

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About Oxford Metrics Group

Autographer was developed by OMG Life, the consumer subsidiary of OMG plc (Oxford Metrics Group). OMG Life brings together a host of specialists from the technology and consumer space and draws on a wealth of experience in the development and commercialisation of mobile cameraphones from Nokia, sports tracking systems and software application development for a host of broadcast media and gaming service providers. Having people that understand how to design and build great cameras and who’ve lived through the birth, scepticism, growth and maturation of new markets means we understand what’s involved in bringing new categories of product to market.


OMG plc, the Oxford-based company, was formed in 1984 and has a rich heritage in image and computer science. It is the world’s largest supplier of precision motion-tracking systems for films, computer games and broadcast television productions, as well as engineering and life science industries. A developer of Academy Award®-winning motion capture technology, OMG has produced ground-breaking work in films such as ‘The Golden Compass’, ’Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ and ‘Tron:Legacy’, as well as winning an Emmy Award for its camera-tracking system boujou.

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