As a global leader in projectors and printers, Epson conducts cutting-edge R&D in a variety of related fields including wearable technologies.  The company launched the Moverio BT-100, the world's first Android-powered, transparent display "smart glasses" in March 2012.

Epson's Moverio stereoscopic smart glasses utilizes dual micro projection technology inside the headset to create a floating 960x540 qHD, 80-inch perceived display from 16.4 ft (5m) away in the center of the user's field of vision, allowing users to view movies, games, content and more while still seeing the world around them. Powered by a handheld Android-based
controller, the Moverio glasses enable the display of true 3D augmented reality overlays for an endless array of possible applications in a variety of fields, including healthcare, automotive, oil & mining, emergency response, etc.

With the wearable technology market just beginning to take shape, Epson understands that generating compelling applications will be key to more widespread consumer and commercial adoption of its Moverio platform. With that in mind, the company has launched the Moverio Developers Program to assist developers in creating innovative applications for its smart glasses that can have a significant impact on the world.

For examples of application ideas from Moverio developers, as well as submissions from a recent IEEE Computer Society student scholarship contest sponsored by Epson, please visit

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