"GET READY Australia: You can now board a plane using a chip in your hand.

Andreas Sjöström, the vice president of a Paris-based tech firm, has successfully completed an experiment which allowed him to board a flight using only a chip implanted in his hand to pass through the airport.

A near-field communication chip can communicate with an NFC (Near Field Communication) reading device to transmit information.

It’s similar to the technology that, only last October, tech developer Patric Lanhed used to make digital payments.

Sjöström documented his trip to the airport in which he was able to pass from security all the way to his flight using only the information stored under his skin. He even managed to access an airport lounge by simply waving his palm."

More here: http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advice/flights/now-you-can-board-a-plane-just-by-waving-your-hand/news-story/12bc677a48c629e5742ebebae848d5f4