"The products to be released include a wristband, key ring fob and a sticker."
"The most interesting, and one could argue the one with the biggest potential to change, is the sticker. The discrete sticker can be stuck to any item the customer choses. This allows for great amounts of versatility and could potentially be a trend-setting wearable. Instinctively one would consider the smartphone as the most obvious place, but as technology and trends evolve the smartphone could be replaced with any item that the customer ‘can’t leave the house without’.

The price point for the devices appears to be spot on. With the sticker retailing for AUD$30 and with the fob and wristband going for AUD$40 and AUD$50. With these amounts of innovation, it appear Barclays is really looking to disrupt the way their customers are making payments. One thing to note when looking at these innovations is that the big four banks in Australia are not adverse to product releases, so watch this space. "

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