The esteemed David Brooks, co-editor of Southerly, Australia's oldest literary journal cited "uberveillance" in a 2014 editorial. He wrote:

Indeed at this point in time more and more voices are being silenced as the days pass, and fear of what we may bring upon ourselves if we do speak out is becoming more and more a factor. State governments, for example, are adopting disgraceful ‘Ag-gag’ laws; we are in the midst of a (poll-boosting) anti-terrorist lock-down and a dramatic increase in the already heavy monitoring of our on-line activities; we are witnessing attempts to gag our media and dramatically limit our access to information on current affairs; we are entering the world of what one contributor to this issue has famously called uberveillance, if we have not already been there for some time.

The full editorial can be found here

AuthorKatina Michael