In an informative and very useful article for the public domain (and which I have made sure to share via social media) I was, unfortunately, wrongly cited as having spoken of an uber surveillance society when I had explicitly made reference to uberveillance society

See Human Microchipping: I've Got You Under My Skin written by Iain Gillespie first appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald in the Digital Life Section on the 16th April 2014.

It was disappointing to see that the copy editors, I assume on this occasion, did not stick to the original citation of uberveillance that I made when interviewed by Iain Gillespie over three separate, and thought-provoking phone interviews.

The distinction is extremely crucial and one which colleagues in the field are manifestly aware. We will not go over old ground here, but for our new visitors who are interested in the question please take a look at MG’s introductory chapter in our latest book (2013) and also the Macquarie Dictionary definition of 2008.

  • See the term uberveillance coined and defined by MG Michael and entered into the Macquarie Dictionary (Ed. S Butler, 2008).
  • (Eds. MG Michael & Katina Michael, 2013) Uberveillance and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants 
  • A very good summary in recent times which touches on the fundamentals of uberveillance is that provided by the authors over at Techopedia here by Cory Janssen
  • Roger Clarke's 2007 keynote address titled "What 'Überveillance' Is, and What To Do About It" delivered at 2nd RNSA Workshop on the Social Implications of National Security - From Dataveillance to Überveillance and the Realpolitik of the Transparent Society and later published in a special issue of the IEEE Technology & Society Magazine.
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  • Special Issue of the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine on Uberveillance 29(2), Summer 2010.

At the same time I would like to commend Iain Gillespie for his fine journalistic flair, incorporating so many different voices into this short piece published in the SMH on the 16 April 2014, and The Age 17 April 2014. It is a topic so difficult to write about- the public more interested in what is going on right now as evidence that microchipping is really occurring, rather than the concerns the technology will herald. Yes indeed, if we are wearing wearables today, then implantables are only a short time away.