"The big questions for the developers at next year's Wearables DevCon might be more sociological than technical. What is it about this wave of computers that attracts appalling people?

In January 2013, Sony lodged a patent in the US for a ''Smartwig'' - a toupee that includes GPS, recording, laser-pointing and internet-browsing functions. Let's face it - the chances that anyone wearing a computerised wig will be cool are vanishingly small.

The same applies, quite possibly, to techno-socks. These are already in early production, in the lucrative fitness market. There are a couple of makes, but each uses embedded technology to relay information to joggers about stride length, weight distribution, blood pressure, nutrient consumption and so on.

''I know I'm getting fitter because my socks told me,'' is not, on the face of it, a line likely to win friends in many neighbourhood bars. The evangelist follow-up might have punters reaching for a tea-towel: ''Would you like to try them on and run around the block?''

Are wearables today's safari suit - practical, but impossibly naff? We shall see, looking through a Google Glass, darkly." 

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We talked about the sociological issues at ISTAS13! http://veillance.me