"Can you see HUDs being combined with contact lenses?
"They will be. That’s always been on the map and several years ago some research into them was completed by a professor at the University of Washington [Babak Parviz, now heading up the Google Glass project]. It opens up a whole host of challenges: there’s price point, there’s risk of failure – you could make people go blind, so there’ll need to be some kind of FDA approval, and that could take 15 years. So you quickly get into a state where it’s more challenging, but it will happen.
"And things tend to go faster than we think in terms of the technology. What is more difficult is this whole question of adoption and whether we’re ready for it. Do we really want to be that person who is wearing this all the time? But after some resistance I think there’ll be this acknowledgment that hey, [through wearing HUDs] we can add value here, here and here."

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