"The research examined the six distinctive types of wearable tech user, and how businesses need to take advantage of them:
1.            Curious: people who have no specific need, but are more interested in playing with the technology. Rackspace argues businesses need to focus on simplicity of use and attractiveness of design in order to keep these customers.
2.            Controllers: people who will only purchase once they know exactly what they want to do with it, and that they can manage their data in an appropriate fashion. The paper advocates that this demographic is going to be vital when considering second and third generation devices
3.            Quantified sellers: people who want to track themselves as they live their lives; an academic interest. Rackspace notes that these people are “e-hoarders”, needing their data in two or more places, particularly the cloud.
4.            Self-medics: users who wish to utilise wearable tech for m-health. Rackspace argues that, for these users in particular, the data gathering methods need to be spot on – ensuring the “how, when and why” of data collection is transparent.
5.            Finish line fanatics: those for whom the gloss of a shiny new device soon wears off. Understandably, the report advocates that businesses need to capitalise on the initial excitement, advocating giving “real meaning from the data”.
6.            Ubiquitous future: digital natives that will grow up with the next generation of wearable technology. Rackspace argues that, for this generation, privacy will not be an issue, with boosting personal skills the key." 

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