WARNING: This 'film' is deeply disturbing

Abbot Lutz did not require sophisticated technology to execute his voyeurism on his child Marina...

I believe the proliferation of camera technology, beyond smartphones, will be (is) highly problematic for our society.

Sure, most people are decent... but some aren't.

Don't tell me the law will deal with ALL of the indecent.

 Too much data, too many recordings... police resources will be overwhelmed! 

"Someone took dozens of pictures and video of me..."  |
"But did they steal anything?" |


OKay... I know, I know... crimes against the person... I've taught cybercrime before in the Faculty of Law @ UOW... and yes... there are cyberstalking laws in some jurisdictions, and child pornography laws in others, voyeurism laws and the like... yadda yadda yadda...  


Hands free recordings through wearable cameras will be the reason for numerous new crimes of a heinous nature, never before experienced, witnessed, and onsold...


There now... I go on record as saying it, categorically.


One thing that has dawned on me as a result of watching this film. Lifelogging oneself has very different implications and consequences to lifelogging another. I can take 1,000 selfie photos but that is a different proposition to someone else taking 1,000 photos of me. In the same way, if I continuously take my own physiological measures and apply them to myself, it is very different to taking someone else's measures and keeping them for further analysis.


Lifelogging someone else impinges on their human dignity, and doing it exceedingly is a form of abuse.

Marina Lutz interview with The Guardian , and documentation surrounding The Marina Experiment can be found here. Below an interview with Marina about the project.