A thought-provoking article written by THE COIL. 

"Are the benefits of wearable technology potentially much more meaningful than we may currently imagine?  If you were quick to answer “No” you’re not alone.  The current crop of corporeal mounted widgetry and fawning over the gadget du jour have left many of the thoughtful wondering why so many seem hell bent on having us wear our sensors on our sleeves.  When you add in the very justifiable concerns over privacy and the intentionally nebulous realm of ill-defined metadata boundaries the fear factor is amped up to 11. To paraphrase Shakespeare, The fault lies not with our tech, but with ourselves.
Wrist-worn wearable tech fits comfortably into most people’s worldview of an appliance.  Wearing a new device mounted on the head or face though adds a significant level of paranoia. With iconic popular culture images such as Darth Vader, Star Trek’s Borg, and Doctor Who’s Cybermen as primary points of reference, it is not hard to see why people are frightened of the prospect of tech-wear wares. The introduction of Google GLASS may not have been frightening, but the combination of high prices and excruciatingly limited availability have ensconced the product in a curated sense of elitism has certainly not helped boost its general acceptance."

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