I couldn't help myself but narrate my own version of events... typically if we believe UNIQUL then the following is also possible. Hope you enjoy my take on the plausible narration!  Watch the 'film' and read what I've written.


Scenario 1: The store

"Imagine coming to a store, and you think your wallet is already there. You pick up your things, approach to the checkout, give a meaningful nod, and then are told you cannot buy your groceries because you have no money left in your bank account to make that transaction because you are the victim of a cyber-attack- someone has stolen your biometrics." 

"Imagine you go to the police, and they tell you the transaction was less than $1000 and that police resources are better spent fighting drug problems on the street. You leave the station and you fully comprehend that there is NO way to change your face because it is NOT like changing your VISA card." 


Scenario 2: Catching a flight

 "Imagine you are late to your plane... there is a huge queue... you try to instantly check in... and as you are photographed to make that 6.30 am flight, you are stopped by border control and told you are under arrest for suspected terrorism charges. Your image has been muddled up with someone else and you cannot see your wife and family for 48 hours while you are under interrogation. You tell them you are NOT the one, but the algorithm says you are."


Scenario 3: Paying for Petrol

"Imagine you drive to the petrol station. You casually fuel your tank. And as you look at the payment screen you are given a warning by your boss- 'YOU ARE LATE FOR WORK, YET AGAIN! YOU ARE FIRED'... It dawns on you, that you cannot pay for your rent and you cannot pay for your fuel any longer. You are forced to leave your vehicle behind... there is not enough petrol to make it home."


Scenario 4: Buying Clothing

"Imagine, the shop where all those magic things came to life. You go into the store with your friends... just to show it off.. and as you enter you get checked in by a facial recognition camera, and are seen purchasing upmarket clothing. Well, this is not fiction any more. Everyone is smiling, and you think you are real cool... you all have a Finalqul account... that is until you press the OKAY key, and an alarm bell rings and you are accused of shoplifting 5 days prior, because of a false match against the biometric database. You try to tell your friends you are innocent... but they just walk away and desert you calling you an absolute loser. Processing takes under a second but you spend years trying to clear your name."



"Hi. I'm your worst enemy FINALQUL [machine inspired by WITCHCRAFT]". 


Thanks Huffington Post for reporting on this story on this page. The article in HuffPost was written by Betty Isaacson.