This is a poem I delivered at the final session of the final day of the IEEE ISTAS13 conference. The poem is titled and it was meant to be delivered on the first morning of the conference in order to set a backdrop and tone for the program at large. Instead it became the closing summary of the event on the 29th June 2013.

The poem was written on the 24th of June on a flight that was delayed from Ottawa to Washington Dulles Airport. A culmination of 9 months of planning and preparation that required corresponding with over 150 authors and delegates of the conference in 15 countries.

My thanks to all those who shared their ideas, their research, and their uncertainty for the times ahead. ISTAS13 had something for everyone- it was a complete success- highlighting both positive and negative implications of emerging technologies such as wearable computing.

One thing for certain, we all left with the knowledge that we have a lot of work to do to contribute our ideas in the coming decade.