DroneJournalism.org media statement re: UAVs Pros-Cons Event

To a great extent, the quality of a democracy is determined by the quality of information available to the public. DroneJournalism.org was founded in 2011 to help equip journalists with an innovative new technology to provide that information: small, unmanned aircraft.
We are an organization of journalists, engineers, and unmanned systems operators dedicated to establishing the technical and ethical framework to deploy unmanned systems for reporting (i.e. “drone journalism”).
DroneJournalism.org supports debate and thoughtful consideration of these powerful tools, with attention paid not solely to the reasonable limits of the technology, but also to the great potential for “drones” to provide perspective and hard data to essential investigations.
The UAVs Pros-Cons Symposium provides a platform for an important debate around a disruptive technology. Matthew Schroyer, founder of DroneJournalism.org, will contribute perspectives on journalism, ethics, data-gathering, and science education for the UAVs Pros-Cons Symposium.

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