The latest IEEE T&S Magazine I edit is now out. I am extremely proud of this special section on Wireless Sensors.

I had the great fortune to work with Dr Katherine Albrecht of StartPage on the issue. Katherine has also been named the Magazine's newest Associate Editor bringing to the Magazine a strong track record in consumer representation on technology matters, privacy, security and human rights.

The current issue of the Magazine is presently available here. The special section editorial can be downloaded FREE here

This issue has contributions from Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Sydney, ESADE, Kent, Reading universities and perspectives from industry including Siemens, Accenture, Illuminating Concepts. This issue includes international voices from Germany, Spain, UK, US, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

I hope you will enjoy the diversity of opinion in this issue- a great deal of debate on where society and sensors is headed... will definitely stop and make you think.