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Blog tracing wearables etc.

["What would happen if we could instantly access all the information we were exposed to throughout our lives?" 
    - Bill Gates, from Your Life, Uploaded Foreword]

["A marvelous job of exploring first-hand the implications of storing our entire lives digitally."
    - Guy L. Tribble, Apple, Inc. ]

["A must-read due to its inevitabilty, seminal nature, and clairvoyant authors." 
    - Nicolas Negroponte, author of Being Digital]

["I cannot recommend this book enough." 
    - Intellectualyeconomy.com]

[Tech luminary, Gordon Bell, and Jim Gemmell unveil a guide to the next digital revolution. Our daily life started becoming digital a decade ago. Now much of what we do is digitally recorded and accessible. This trend won't stop. And the benefits are astonishing. 

Based on their own research, Bell and Gemmell explain the ever-increasing access to electronic personal memories - both "cloud" services such as Facebook and huge personal hardrives. Using Bell as a test case, the two digitally uploaded everything - photos, computer activity, biometrics - and explored systems that could best store the vast amounts of data and make it accessible. The result? An amazing enhancement of human experience from health and education to productivity and just reminiscing about good times. And then, when you are gone, your memories, your life will still be accessible for your grandchildren...

Your Life, Uploaded (PLUME; NOVEMBER 2010) is an invaluable guide to taking advantage of new technology that will fascinate and inspire techies, business people, and baby boomers alike.]

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