A timely article as wearables are about to go "sha-bang" commercially and make a major splash in consumer products. But here see how tasers (used by police), body-worn video recording kit, and cloud computing will be used for evidentiary purposes in the near future! It is only a matter of time before consumers also adopt these kinds of body wearables for insurance purposes, alibis and the like.


Quentin Hardy reports that the company is selling small video cameras that attach to the glasses, collar or shoulder of a peace officer in order to record his actions in the field. The real innovation though is in how Taser proposes law enforcement agencies manage the videos as evidence.

By holding the video evidence on remote servers, Taser hopes to help law enforcement agencies achieve the cost savings that cloud computing has provided for business and industry, Mr. Hardy writes. The cloud product does not require an information technology professional on the police department’s payroll. It cuts down on losses from poor storage of disks or tape, loss or theft of evidence or even evidence-tampering.

AuthorKatina Michael