Article by Craig Butt 30/12/12 in The Sydney Morning Herald can be found here.

"FITTER. Thinner. More productive. There is an app to service every New Year's resolution, and many that will pull all this data together to create a personal annual report.
It's part of a movement known as the Quantified Self, in which enthusiasts collect data - often using their smartphones - on everything from the quality of their sleep to their moods after eating certain foods."
But Monash University medicine lecturer Juanita Fernando said people should be cautious when it came to self-monitoring tools. She said they were a great way of keeping records but people should consult their doctor if they seriously wanted to change their habits.
''There is a danger people think they are taking care of themselves and that they are following the best advice by using these applications. There is an assumption that the designer of the app had some critical knowledge but often that is not the case,''
Dr Fernando said. She said people should also be aware of their privacy when downloading the apps.
Associate Professor Katina Michael, of the University of Wollongong, said people could also become stressed if they didn't see any improvement in their condition.
''Data can be misinterpreted and we can be misinterpreting reality,'' she said. ''Quantifying yourself doesn't mean you're qualifying yourself.''"