Just after my post on Love at First Sight the following was sent to me (thanks Gordon- extremely timely)!

The Overly Documented Life by A.J. Jacobs

I think our study using GPS tracksticks for 4 weeks in 2008 then again in 2009 showed us much of what is reflected of here by a wearer of a camera for 9 weeks. We had some 60 participants and a summary of the participant reflections will hopefully make it through peer review for ISTAS13!

Copyright: Marco Grob

Copyright: Marco Grob

Looking back I recollect a number of papers, book chapters, and books that my fellow collaborators and I have written that have been cited widely on this topic:

The Social and Behavioural Implications of Location-Based Services

The Fall Out from Emerging Technologies: On Matters of Surveillance, Social Networks, and Suicide

Emerging Forms of Covert Surveillance Using GPS-Enabled Devices

Toward a State of Uberveillance

Uberveillance: Microchipping People and the Assault on Privacy

A Research Note on Ethics in the Emerging Age of Uberveillance

Implementing Namebars Using Microchip Implants and the Black-Box Beneath the Skin

The Emerging Ethics of Humancentric GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Location-Based Intelligence - Modelling Behaviour in Humans Using GPS

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From Dataveillance to Uberveillance and the Realpolitik of a Transparent Society

The question is whether these technologies have the propensity to make us better people by reflecting on ourselves, our actions, those around us, our life world? Recently I wrote this piece where I consider the possibilities at large.

Largely, like any new technology the novelty effect would be tremendous on take-up but we would soon condition our minds that the camera was "not even present". Reflection is a practice that goes beyond technology, it is ingrained in what some in the field of education call spiritual intelligence (one step beyond emotional intelligence)... we cannot depend on the camera for that stuff that needs to be developed inside the mind and the heart.