Here is a research paper by Lisa A. Shay, Gregory Conti, Dominic Larkin and John Nelson of the Cyber Research Center of the United Stated Military Academy in West Point, New York that cites both dataveillance and uberveillance. The title of the paper is: "A Framework for Analysis of Quotidian Exposure in an Instrumented World" and it can be found here in full.


"An instrumented society has many benefits, but significant detriments to both the individual and society at large exist [4,5]. Each new sensor placed in the environment, each new network link in the sensor system, and each new processing advance provide benefits to those implementing the system and sometimes to the individual and society at large, but these changes incur costs- particularly a loss of individual and collective privacy. The pervasive nature of sensors coupled with recent advances in data mining, networking, and storage technologies creates tools and data that, while serving the public good, also create a ubiquitous surveillance infrastructure ripe for misuse. Roger Clarke’s concept of dataveillance and M.G. Michael and Katina Michael’s more recent uberveillance serve as important milestones in awareness of the growing threat of our instrumented world [6,7]." [Bold mine]