Here is a new book out by Rafael Capurro, Michael Eldred and Daniel Nagel: November 19, 2012.


"Because all sorts of data circulating in the cyberworld can easily be stored, i.e., recorded automatically, this opens up many opportunities for processing those data, in particular, with a veiw to establishing the identity of a particular user and his or her movements. The individual is identified with a piece of code (an IP address, the ID of a digital device) that enables also cyber-surveillance and cyber-tracking, amounting to uberveillance. All the digital data in the cyberworld relating to a certain individual can be pieced together, through the appropriate executable code, in an individual profile that inverts the first-person perspective of what someone does in the cyberworld into a third-person perspective of a reified digital data profile through which others, in a certain way, have disposal over who the individual consrned is." [bold mine]

Excerpt from pages 129-130.


AuthorKatina Michael