Kings Cross - Just Before The Bombings

With reference to the last five posts, some re-reading of my post on December 5th and with an hours worth of 24 hour TV under my belt I coin the following...

Claire and I were I thought a match made in heaven. Outgoing, creative and careening around like two peas in a pod. Our holiday was all planned out and we had a photoblog setup to let our families know we were safe on the road ( Facebook was still a college dating site )

It's interesting (looking back now) on what transpired on that trip, how it affected our relationship and what it now means years later in reflection.

Our Vote

We participated as did countless ten's of thousands of others as one mobilized mass of "citizen reporters" uncovering the dark spaces in the lead up to, the horrible carnage and the aftermath as documented at

Years later it is frightening to see what is associated closely by name sake here -

Uberveillance ?

We are living in it and this post is another example ( more to come ) of what I look back on that informs my present and the manner in which history has informed my thoughts around why we have become what we are becoming or in fact have become.



AuthorKatina Michael