In 2005 a Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee reported on the Real Big Brother pertaining to the Australian Privacy Act.

The Committee received a few submissions on microchip implants with reference to the Privacy Act of Australia. Section 3.133 details the submissions and the Senate's response.

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Section 3.137 is below:

3.137         Few submissions specifically addressed the issue of human microchip implants. Of those that did, several submissions suggested that the use of microchip implants should be prohibited, pending further research, public consultation and the implementation of a suitable regulatory regime.[259] For example, the NHMRC submitted that:

If the use of implanted microchips involves tailoring the information to specific individuals as an extension of pharmacogenetics, for example full identification which could be useful in certain circumstances such as disaster victim identification, ethical issues including loss of freedom; compulsion or coercion of the individual to accept a microchip (especially minors); access to information contained on the microchip beyond health applications; and the individual’s ability to update or change information as needed would arise. The NHMRC believes there needs to be a thorough and full examination of all the issues before such a proposal is considered further in Australia.[260]