Here is an article on Jonathan Oxer, the former president of Linux Australia, and implantee who has developed home automation solutions to work with his implantable device.

Former Linux Australia president Jonathan Oxer talks to Paul Skelton about his automation project, which didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Jonathan, 37, recently retired as head of the Linux Australia community group. He is now technical director of his own company, Internet Vision Technologies. His personal vision is to create a completely automated home reminiscent of those featured in the sci-fi books he grew up with.

He originally intended to have the chip implanted in the webbing between his thumb and forefinger so it could be activated by a reader placed in a doorknob, allowing him to open locked doors as though they were unlocked. But his forearm was deemed the safer option.
“Despite his interest, the surgeon could not perform the procedure because his medical insurer wouldn’t cover him for any liability associated with it. Medical insurance covers a list of predefined procedures, and implanting an RFID tag into a human isn’t on that list.