Petrina Berry reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (24/03/11) on the possibility of microchipping convicted child sex offenders. The article was titled: "Microchip, castrate sex offenders: MP"

The following sentiments have been echoed before by politicians at various levels of government. Below are some snippets from the brief article which shed light on the comments made by a Sunshine Coast MP.


A Queensland MP's call for convicted child sex offenders to be microchipped and castrated has been rejected by child protection advocates.

Sunshine Coast MP Peter Wellington suggested the measures during a debate on child protection laws in parliament on Wednesday, angering civil libertarians.

"Why can we not jolly well microchip these people if they are convicted of serious sex offences?" Mr Wellington said.

But the question is not what will we do with them once we release them, it's why on earth are we releasing people who are so dangerous who need microchipping or castrating."

She said microchipping was a tracking option but would not stop reoffending.

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