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Here...consumed with thinking around uberveillance and it's derivatives.

Of ubermensch.

Mr. Friedrich Nietszsche.

An interesting documentary via the BBC - Suspect Nation - ...if you have 47:04 to spare.

Attached to more sinister epilogues.

It's interesting how close to the surface we hold history and all it's manifestations of racism, fear and looting.

Considered a term too specific or vague by the Catholics.

Here's some cyber terms (scroll down a few pages) I need to add to my list.

Lol.......so I entered 'uberveillance alexanderhayes' into soso.com and guess what it spat out - WikiBins !

A little later my presentation with John Eyle's appeared - "Future of Technology - Enhanced Collaboration'

So much in such a little ramble......might be worth your while also listening to what Vance Stevens captured me talking about.

Best I get to bed.


AuthorKatina Michael