Students and staff of the well-known International Film School of Paris have put together this short film they have simply titled: ÜBERVEILLANCE.

Starring is Elim Nivière Schouvaloff, Julien Wolf and Cécile Mazeas. The script was written by Wesley Schramm and directed by Cécile B. Lefèvre. The film is copyrighted EICAR 2011.

It is definitely an interesting take on uberveillance away from the high-tech end and back into the traditional "cloak and dagger" world of surveillance. What is key here is the writer's attempt to emphasise the social implications of uberveillance and its inherent paradoxes.

The French film makes the crucial point of conveying the limitations of all surveillance techniques, both old and new which are: misinformation, information manipulation, and the possible misinterpretation of information. He who has the control of the data flow can do as much editing as he so chooses.


Loosely translated script in English (thanks Jean-Luc):

Private Investigator: She left work at around 17:15, she went for a walk near Beaubourg, and had a coffee at a Terrace.
Driver: Great pictures.
Private Investigator: She wanted to go see a movie, but it was sold out, she went for a walk and enjoyed the sun at Saint-Eustache, and went back to work at 19:50.
Driver: What about the day before yesterday?
Private Investigator: She stayed at home. She didn't see anyone. Her light was on until 1:00AM.
Driver: And this morning? Do you know what she did this morning?
Private Investigator: Sir, this was not included in the budget... No need no need, she does not see any men.
Driver: Check in any case.
Private Investigator: I would be really surprised if she hides anything from you.
[Girlfriend enters vehicle]
Driver: What are you doing here?
Girlfriend: I just want to let you know that I am leaving you, that I am leaving the both of you.. I was supposed to live with him, you didn't know, he is a really bad detective, but a great lover.. He is a bit deceiving so I am sure he would not have told you anything.. This is it...