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"....The IVMS in the vehicle continually monitors:

* Date and time;

* GPS location of the vehicle;

* GPS based speed;

* Distance travelled calculated off the GPS;

* Ignition Hours

Exceptions such as:

* Harsh acceleration, braking or indicative cornering (with either an external accelerometer 

or GPS based);

* Movement into or out of predefined geofences (if required); and

* Speed violations that can be defined uniquely for several geofences.

The IVMS also offers the following value-adding features:

* All the user settings in the device are remotely configurable through the GPRS / NextG network;

* Records with all parameter values are created and prioritised for transmission:

* At standard customer defined intervals (i.e. every 5 minutes);

* When the heading / direction changes by more than 45 or 85 degrees;

* When an operator presses the optional call-to-action button;

* With every exception such as speeding, ignition on/off, harsh acceleration/ braking/ 


* Optional incident replay that enables the previous 60 GPS logs at 1 second interval to be 

retreived each time a harsh braking/ acceleration or harsh cornering alarm is triggered; and

* Geofence based output ability to auto activate features such as warning lights or speed limiting 


Extract from http://www.bigmate.com/Flyers/BIGmate_IVMS_Overview.pdf


AuthorKatina Michael