Professor Roger Clarke, who is currently the Chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, is one of the most prolific writers on aspects of privacy (among other topics). For many years his public web site which was previously housed at the Australian National University (now has received large volumes of visitors. His work is not only cutting edge but accessible to people whether they are working on policy matters in the government, trying to write a privacy policy for their organisation, doing research for their postgraduate degree, or simply writing an essay for a higher school assessment task.

* I took this photograph of Roger Clarke in 2004 at the University of Wollongong during a one day workshop on Methodology in Information Technology.

I came across Clarke's work on the Australia Card Debate (1987+) back in the mid 1990s while finishing an undergraduate degree on information technology. Many years later I was to revisit the idea of dataveillance. Here are some key references: Information Technology and Dataveillance

* cited almost 250 times Dataveillance 15 years on A Future Trace on Dataveillance Eras of Dataveillance


In 2007 Dr MG Michael and I hosted a national security workshop which was dedicated at looking at the evolution between dataveillance and uberveillance in which Clarke was the keynote. The workshop proceedings can be found here, and Roger's paper on uberveillance can be found here

AuthorKatina Michael