Just thinking through some of the deeper ramifications of geo-positioning as a subset and some would say super-set to humanity - now and into the future......as well as how this plays out to support the uberveillance of the individual as they move through that network space.....as always permeated by the three sectors - sous, sur and data.

Thinking of what the ramifications might be and what the fallout is for Indigenous communities where land is scared. Also looking at the works of Emrys Westacott, Professor of Philosophy at Alfred University in Western New York who has recently written on the topic of whether surveillance makes us morally better.

Looking at Cobham Surveillance.

Looking at SimpleGeo, DeLorme and communities that fall around such technology like GPS Australia.

Always intrigued to see who KaiShot is tangled up with....wondering perhaps whether they'd be interested in our research planned and actuated at UOW.

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Oh....here's some interesting new (tag) terms at the base of the FullBlastTech site - Interdiction, Obfuscation and Skullduggery

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